Alumni of the lab


Girish Mali

University of Edinburgh PhD graduate whose thesis work focused on novel genes involved cytoplasmic dynein preassembly. Girish is currently investigating the dynein assembly pathway using biochemical and structural biology methods in the lab of Andrew Carter at the MRC LMB.


Rob Foster

MRC IGMM PhD graduate who developed a reporter system for monitoring and quantitating different outcomes of genome editing in real time and space, towards developing robust and reproducible protocols for somatic genome editing therapies for airway diseases. He didn’t move far, down the hall to lab of David FitzPatrick where he continues to use genome editing to model developmental disorders in human neural cell lines.

Melissa Jungnickel.jpeg

Melissa Jungnickel

After helping us establish genome editing in the postnatal eye, Melissa continues her odyssey in genome editing across town at Roslin in a very high-throughput manner.


Tom Gutman

An ERASMUS internship student from University Paris Diderot, Tom was using genome editing in zebrafish to model human ciliopathy disease candidates. He is currently doing a master's degree in Bioinformatics in Université Paris VII Diderot.


Margaret Keighren

Transgenic technologist. Magic hands and microinjection-meister.

The immensely talented Manon joined the lab for a summer as an ERAMUS internship from University Paris Diderot. She is currently a PhD candidate in Franck Oury’s lab at the Necker Institute in Paris studying the physiological role of autophagy in regulation of cognition in healthy and aging brain.